Cancer Review

If you have been advised by the practice to complete a Cancer General Health & Wellbeing review , please complete this form.

Cancer Care Review

This support tool is designed to help you and your family and carers think about how things are at the moment and share any ideas you have that you think would help you to live better with cancer.

Please take you time to think through the questions and write down any thoughts and ideas you have.  You can then discuss these ideas with your doctor or nurse when you have your next review.

(e.g. family, carers):
How are you doing? *
Overall, how do you feel you are coping at the moment?

Do you have any concerns?

These are some things we know can be important to people living with cancer.  Please highlight the areas of particular concern to you at the moment.

Please tick any which apply to you:
Please use the space in the boxes below to write down any of your thoughts:

How can ideas be turned into actions?

You could use this Action Plan, to list things that can be done to help you live better. It will be based on the information you provided and discussions with your doctor or nurse, e.g. things to help you self-manage, sharing information about what support is available, or referring you to other services. If you have any ideas please also note them down.

You can keep a copy of your action plan, and use it to review your progress at future appointments.